Beginner Photography Workshop

Chesterfield, Virginia

Posted March 03, 2017 in photography

EEE!!! On Saturday I hosted my first Beginner Photography Workshop and it was so much FUN! I got to spend the afternoon with 5 amazing ladies! I was a little nervous, at first, because I just wanted to do a good job and help everyone learn and feel comfortable. Thankfully everyone was so awesome and we all had a great time! It was so incredible to help these women learn how to understand their cameras better! 

Once we went over the basic fundamentals, we got to put it into practice! I loved seeing everyone plugging away and getting the hang of using their cameras! It was so awesome! I loved how excited everyone was to practice and grow! 

Here’s a little peek into the afternoon! I can’t wait for the next workshop! 🙂 

beginner photography workshop chesterfield vabeginner photography workshop chesterfield va

Scout was being such a model. She decided to jump up on this table and show off for everyone! 😉 

beginner photography workshop chesterfield va

These ladies are wonderful!!! Can’t wait to see the magic they create with their cameras! 🙂 

beginner photography workshop chesterfield va