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every time i get back from hanging out with my awesome couples, i can’t help but think about how thankful i am. i know everyone says this about the clients they get to work with, but it’s so true. i really do work with the best people! i’m always laughing and having a great time with them! and i don’t just view them as clients. i view them as friends! i’ll get random text messages just asking me how i’m doing or they’ll send me something “because it looked like me.” gah! seriously? how did i get so blessed to work with such wonderful people!

so, being the cheesy person that i am. i wanted to dedicate a post to my amazing couples listing some of their sweet qualities that they have shown me. am i bragging? not really. i’m just shouting from the rooftops how their acts of kindness have affected me! so thankful and i’m not afraid to show it! 😉

also, if you’re one of my couples, here’s a virtual hug coming your way. thank you for being such a blessing in my life. i don’t know what i did to deserve y’all, but i never want it to change! 🙂


1. they’re fun – i love this so much about my couples! having fun is so important and i always have a blast when i’m with them. like i said, it’s like i’m hanging out with friends! we always have a good time! 🙂 2014-04-07_0002

2. they’re in love – you would think this would be obvious, but more times than not, there are couples who aren’t heels over head in love. i’m so thankful that my couples are with their best friend and excited to spend the rest of their lives together. they’re more excited about the marriage than the actual wedding day because that is what their love was built for. 2014-04-07_0006

3. they’re sweet my brides and grooms are so sweet! they’ll send me a sweet text just to see how i’m doing. they’ll even comment on another bride’s post to encourage them in their marriage! gah! i feel like i’ve won the jackpot!


4. they value photography when i first started out, i would get inquiries from people price shopping. heck, even now i get inquiries from people price shopping. those are people who are just trying to find the cheapest photographer. they don’t truly value their work or the experience they get throughout their wedding journey. they’re looking for the cheapest option for pictures. and lots of times that means they’re sacrificing the quality of their photography too. i really am so thankful for my couples, because they genuinely value my work. some of them had to rearrange their budget to book me, but they did it because they like me and my work. they wanted me to take care of them on their special day and that is one of the highest honors i can ever have!


5. they’re adventurous every photo shoot is an adventure! we’re always exploring new places, climbing trees, getting in the water, and bending the law;)! it’s a fun adventure and i’m so thankful my couples are up for it!


6. they’re trusting my couples trust me with their pictures. this allows me to be creative and make something beautiful for them! i’m so thankful they trust me! the confidence they have in me allows me to really get creative with their session! we can try new locations, new poses, new angles, etc. and they are all on board because they trust me! 🙂


7. they’re genuine again, i may be biased, but i really do feel like i work with some of the most genuine people! they truly care about me and for that i am eternally grateful!


8. they’re more than clients i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, when i start working with my couples our relationship changes from clients to friends. it’s freakin’ awesome! and lots of times, after our shoot, we’ll grab a bite to eat and catch up on life! it’s the best! 🙂


9. they love to laugh one of my favorite things to do is laugh, so, you know it’s important to me. i love how my clients value laughter too! when we are on their session we are always giggling about something. sometimes we’ll laugh so hard that my face hurts. i need more of this in my life! 😉

10. they’re thoughtful they’ll send a sweet note of thanks to tell me they appreciate their pictures. or they’ll send me a gift because they think it will look perfect in my room! gah! OR if i put out a post on facebook in need of something for a styled shoot, they’re usually one of the first people to comment and offer to help! gah! seriously, they’re amazing!

thank you again to all of my sweet and amazing couples! i love you to the moon and back! 🙂











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