2 weeks of waking up every morning and not reaching for my phone to check social media FIRST THING. 2

2 weeks of waking up every morning and not reaching for my phone to check social media FIRST THING.

2 weeks of journaling after reading my devotions (which is a BIG deal, for me!).

2 weeks of no chick-fil-a. that is a HUGE deal for me too!

2 weeks ago, i shared with y’all about this little journey i’m taking. i have set goals to accomplish over the 40 days, but ultimately, i want to create a lifestyle change as well. over this two weeks, some things have come naturally, while others have been more of a struggle.

i must admit. the no chick-fil-a or fast food in general, is probably the hardest. pathetic? yes. but at least waking up to do my devotions isn’t hard. at least i’ve trained myself to start reading my bible first thing in the morning instead of waking up and starting my day off by comparing myself to another person’s instagram life.

speaking of instagram and social media, i’m ready to take the plunge. i am ready to do my FIRST “unplugged” weekend. i know it will be challenging but it has to happen. i admit that i’m slightly addicted and always have my phone glued to my hand. i’m always reading this person’s blog post or checking this person’s instagram and comparing myself to what they’re doing and what i’m not doing. it really needs to stop. to me, social media isn’t bad. it’s a great way to get my business out there and let others connect with me. however, it is a stumbling block for me when i am letting it get in the way of personal relationships and valuing time with my phone more than an actual person.

i am loving this time of reflection and conviction for me. i am loving how i enjoy waking up every morning and want to read my bible and want to start off my day with God. these first two weeks has also shown me things that i want to add to this 40 days and ultimately my lifestyle. as well as unplugging on the weekends. i want to find a way to unplug during some weeknights as well. i still need to think this over a little bit and develop a plan. i can’t give up social media altogether because it would really affect how i reach out to people and let them get to know me and my business. also, having two jobs (the preschool and photography), it’s hard to find a balance of when to stop working for my photography business in the evenings. i want to get everything done that i can’t do during the day, but i know that’s unrealistic and that some things don’t have to be done right then.

that’s something i still need to work on and something that i will get back to y’all on. however, i know for sure that this weekend will be unplugged. i’m nervous, but excited as well. can’t wait to let y’all know how it goes. 🙂

also, i read this amazing post last night and knew i had to share it. another reason why social media can be so hard is comparison. i am so guilty of it. i don’t think i’m good enough because i don’t post pictures like this or share inspiration as pretty as this. but this post was so dead on. life isn’t always pretty. when i’m doing my devotions in the morning, it’s still dark outside, my hair is a mess, and eyes are still sleepy. i don’t have the “picture perfect” devotion to share on instagram and i compare myself to others who do. and i get it. that’s a personal problem, but i’m share there are others out there who feel the same as me.

i am also so guilty of doing my devotion and then thinking “what would be a good part to share on instagram or twitter?” wow, i shouldn’t be letting that distract me during my time with God. sure, i fully believe it’s okay to post something and share it with others. i do it all the time, but i shouldn’t do it for the wrong reasons. i should do it because i want people to hear the words that have affected me and could affect them. i shouldn’t do it because i want people to see me “being christian.”

woo! lots of stuff has happened over this two weeks. i can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey does. i like how it’s pushing me and making me doing things to get my out of my comfort zone. God knows what He’s doing. i just need to keep my focus on Him and not my phone.

we’ll see how this goes and i will definitely share with y’all when i’ve developed a plan.

anywho… thanks for listening to my morning rambles. i’m off to get ready for school and hopefully not crave chick-fil-a today hahaha. we’ll see! 😉

happy wednesday, friends!


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