Month: January 2012

guilty pleasures

i don’t know about y’all, but i sure do have a LOT of these. i’m so dorky about some of the things i love and i am totally okay with that. i used to be so embarrassed to like certain things when i was little. i was so afraid that everyone would make fun of […]

dare to dream

faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. – martin luther king jr. faith. it’s a small word, but a big action. i am reminded constantly how important it is, especially every monday night in bible study. every week we talk about different concepts on where the universe originated. […]


today was my sister, alexi’s, senior homecoming. now, before you look at this with a funny face we went to a private christian school. we don’t have a football team so we have homecoming during basketball season. each class nominates a guy and girl to represent them and the senior class chooses 6 representatives (3 […]

freaky friday

okay okay. my friday really hasn’t been that freaky. no different than any other friday. it SHOULD be, though. i mean, it is friday the 13th after all. haha. just kidding. i actually like friday the 13th. i’m not really THAT superstitious. i’ve broken a mirror at least twice and i don’t feel unlucky. the […]

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