Month: July 2012

amanda the panda | personal

on this day, 20 years ago, i had a rude interruption to my perfect-only-child life. a little ball of a disgruntled baby was now a part of the family. whoa whoa whoa! who gave her permission to intrude on my life? who said i wanted to share? well, like it or not, i got a […]

the dream | personal

living “the dream” has always been a goal of mine. no, my dream is not to be a billionaire, although it would be nice. i don’t want to be the most powerful person in the world or even a famous celebrity. my goal is this: happiness. what i have to keep reminding myself of lately […]

we are family | personal

i had been looking forward to this beach trip for months. this is no exaggeration. it was going to be amazing! reuniting with family, from across the country, that we haven’t seen in years was something i longed for the most! of course, that work week went particularly slow haha, but friday eventually came and […]

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