Month: April 2014

choice | personal

as soon as my groggy eyes open in the morning, i start making choices. – am i going to check my social media first or read my bible? – do i have time for a shower today? (kidding, maybe 😉 – will i be productive? – am i going to be patient with my kids […]

birthday recap | personal

with the sun wrapping me up in its warmth and my friends by my side, saturday was such a great day! for me, birthdays are either a hit or a miss. i’ll either get super excited about the day and then  my plans will switch leaving me disappointed. OR i’ll just have an expectation about […]

25 | personal

oh snap! tomorrow i’m turning 25. that’s a quarter of a century old. yikes! one of my kids told me i was an old lady yesterday. i’m really starting to feel it! is this what a quarter-life crisis feels like? ahhh! haha. okay. mini-panic attack over. okay. on to the fun things! dun dun DUNNNN!!!! […]

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