7 Reasons to Do Engagement Pictures

Yay! This post is so fun and full of such good information! I’m excited to share it with y’all!

Some times I’ll have couples who want to opt out of their engagement session. I then talk with them and educate them on how important it is for them to do them with me. It’s part of their whole client experience and I feel it’s a crucial part of the process! Plus, by the end of it all, they’re always so happy they had them!

Today I’m excited to share:

7 Reasons to Do Engagement Pictures

reasons to have engagement photos taken

1. Snuggle with your BAE: If this was the only reason to get engagement pictures taken, it’d be a good one! When Justin and I had our engagement photos done, it was such a fun experience! We got to love on each other through the whole session. It was nice to take a break from the “busy” and just snuggle with each other for pictures. Just ask Justin. That was his favorite part too! I even tell my couples to plan for a fun date night afterwards. You’re dressed up anyway, why not make a date night out of it?!

reasons to have engagement photos taken2. Practice for the big day: This is so important! When talking with my couples I always let them know how imperative it is to have me take their engagement photos. Most of the time, this is the first experience couples have with professional pictures. It’s so good for them to do engagement photos together before their big day! It’s perfect practice! Plus, my couples feel like a professionals on their wedding day because they feel so comfortable in front of the camera! Which leads me to my next point…

reasons to have engagement photos taken

3. Feel comfortable with your photographer: I also suggest that my couples do engagement photos with me before their wedding so they feel comfortable with me! It’s a perfect time for everyone to warm up with each other. By the time their wedding is here, everyone feels comfortable with me and a lot more relaxed in front of the camera because they trust me to make them look good! 🙂

reasons to have engagement photos taken

4. Have professional portraits: For a lot of my couples, this is the first time they’ve had professional portraits taken with each other. Again, this is another bonus to having engagement photos! Not only will you get formal pictures in your wedding clothes, but you’ll also have more casual pictures from your engagement session. It’s another excuse to have some pictures printed to decorate your house! 😉reasons to have engagement photos taken

5. Pics with the whole family: I love when my couples include their extended family in their photos: their fur babies! Having these photos done means you can get an updated picture with the whole family! 😉 reasons to have engagement photos taken

6. Get pictures in a meaningful place: This is for more of a sentimental reason, but I feel it should definitely count! A lot of couples choose locations that have a deeper meaning to them. It can be their favorite winery where they like to go on a dates, their local neighborhood hang out, or even the location of where they first met (like Justin and I!). 🙂 It makes their engagement photos even more special knowing that they were taken at a location that was meaningful to them! What a great story that tells!

reasons to have engagement photos taken

7. Feel like a rockstar: If you’ve never had a photo session done, you should definitely change that. There’s something that happens to just boost your confidence during them! Not only do you get to snuggle with your love, but you feel like you’re on top of the world! I know when Justin and I had our session, our photographers were so encouraging! I’m the same way with my couples! I want them to feel comfortable and reassured. I let them know how amazing they look and how great they’re doing! They love it and I love it! It’s so fun to be a cheerleader and encourage my couples!

And because I can’t get enough of my awesome couples, here are some more of my favorites from their engagement sessions! Love these guys! 🙂

reasons to have engagement photos takenreasons to have engagement photos takenreasons to have engagement photos takenreasons to have engagement photos takenreasons to have engagement photos taken

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