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ain’t he purddddyyy??? i am so blessed and happy to have this new cutie added to my family! photographers’ equipment is always growing and changing. it’s hard to stay updated because this profession is less-than-cheap. however, every now and then a deal comes along and you can’t ignore it! a fellow photographer was selling their camera to upgrade to the new markiii. thankfully, their “trash” was my treasure!!! i cannot wait to photograph with this baby. who wants to be my model?! 🙂

i am so thankful that now i can use my canon 7d as my backup. whoa! i feel so much more prepared haha. now to start building up my lens collection haha. if anyone is ever feeling generous and wants to donate to the v.a. photography fund, i will be more than happy to comply. 😉 hehe. but seriously, i need to do a fundraiser. it would be nice to build up my equipment. but as the saying goes, a good camera does not make a good photographer… or something like that. i’ve seen some amazing shots just through instagram. it’s all about the heart and the passion, not about the latest gear. i need to always remember that. so until i can get the gear i one day aspire to have, i will bask in the blessings i currently have and be content. this is more than i could ever ask for and i am grateful.

but for real… who’s ready for a photo session? i’m ready to test this baby out! 😀

happy tuesday!



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