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I’ve always been the shy type (until you get to know me) and through that I’ve been able to spend a lot of my life observing. I’ve honed the art of observation into the craft of photography. My journey with photography began in the 10th grade, in a dark room amidst the process of developing my own film. I’ve since honed my skill and for the past seven years, I’ve specialized in photographing weddings. Immortalizing the union of two people and I’ve come to realize this is where I belong. I absolutely love capturing those in love – the feeling you get when you see your future husband at the end of the aisle, the first dance with your husband, the last dance with your father. There are so many memorable emotions on a wedding day that make your pictures come to life!

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⁃ I’m originally from Idaho and followed true love across the country to Virginia in 2011. I still get excited when I see an Idaho license plate.

⁃ Douglas and I were married on August 4, 2013

⁃ I have two step kids who have grown up before my eyes. Kendall is 15 going on 30 and Chase is officially an adult!

⁃ I’m a self proclaimed Disney adult. We visit at least twice per year. At least.

⁃ We bought 10 acres of land in 2021 and are building out our dream farm. 

⁃ We have lots of rescue animals: dogs, horses, a mule, rabbit, chickens, goats, and pigs. I’m a pretty proud parent so I’ll probably show you a picture sometime

~ I first started my photography journey back in the 10th grade and fell in love with developing my own film

~ 2016 was my first official year in business as a wedding photographer

~ If I couldn’t photograph weddings, I would travel the world photographing animals (think National Geographic)

~ I love creating beautiful images but more importantly, I love serving couples on one of the greatest days of their lives!!



Are you ready to define the relationship and make things official? Let’s do it! This is going to be such a fun experience and I can’t wait to capture your story. 

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