let’s cut the chit chat and get straight to what’s going on in my life (because there is already a

{enjoy the journey!}

let’s cut the chit chat and get straight to what’s going on in my life (because there is already a LOT of chit chat below):

what happened:

  • THANKSGIVING! it was an early Christmas miracle. my family came together and we all had dinner at my dad’s house. there was no arguing, just lots of laughing and a good time! it really was the best holiday we’ve had in a while! so blessed that everything went well. it was nice to have some quality family time and make some good memories. we watched a lot of the friends’ thanksgiving episodes, played card games, and had a little family shoot. i really do have a lot to be thankful for!
  • the night before, my sisters and i had a daddy/daughter night. we made dinner, watched breaking dawn (part 1) and just had a blast.
  • speaking of breaking dawn, we saw the new one on black friday!!! OH EM GEEEEEE!!! if you haven’t seen it, you MUST GO NOW! seriously, get off the computer and head down to the nearest movie theater. it’s that good! haha. okay, maybe it was a little cheezy at first, but once you get sucked into the movie, you forget about the cheeziness haha.
  • black friday was a success. we picked up ashley around 7ish then ventured out to wait in line at target. while we were in line, the chick-fil-a cow came by and passed out warm chocolate chip cookies! YUM! i got mostly everyone’s presents and even some cute clothes for myself. 😉 OH and the big bang theory. each season for $13!!!!!! yeah, i had to snatch that right up. we went until about 3:30 in the morning, when our wallets could no longer take it haha. can’t wait until next year! 😉
  • i also saw red dawn!!! holy moly! so stinkin’ good! i would definitely recommend that too! i see way too many movies. i can’t help it! i’m obsessed. it’s nice that the movie theater here has $5.50 matinee movies. makes me not feel so bad. 😉
  • i had two photo adventures this weekend. went to a celebration of life for mrs. kimmick’s late husband. it was so bittersweet. more to come. i also had the honor of taking some bridal portraits of the beautiful meghan. so fun!

what’s up next:

  • trying to make it a point to visit my dad at least once a week and make him dinner. i also go visit my mom and ariel and watch our guilty pleasure tv shows. welcome to the new normal! 😉
  • i’m heading to lynchburg this weekend to visit one of my best and sweetest friends, affectionately known as jennbenn. 😉 CANNOT WAIT to have a girls’ weekend! and possibly watch some britney videos! 😉
  • i’ll also be heading to danville this weekend for a family session! remember adam and blair? well lucky me gets to photograph their family’s Christmas pictures! how awesome it that? so thankful to have repeat clients. that means they really must like me!!! 😉
  • at the end of my journey this weekend i’m stopping by farmville to visit justin (he just loves when i talk about him on here). <—- you’re welcome, J. 😉
  • excited to see my northview church family! haven’t seen them in so long!


and that’s what is going on in a nutshell. you know what i’m most thankful for today? getting to sleep in past 9! i was at work monday from 6:30 to 5:30. i still haven’t caught up on my sleep haha. looking forward to some me time before work today (which might very well consist of me just sleeping in haha. jussayin’). 😉

i hope you have a beautiful rest of the week!!!

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