another week | mid-week montage

what happened:

  • saw argo. pretty good movie. i would definitely recommend checking it out. REALLY intense! if you haven’t noticed, i’m a total movie buff. have you seen any good movies that you’d like to recommend?
  • went to my church’s fall festival! brought along one of my favorite 5-year-old sweeties! made it even more fun!
  • got to hang out with sweet little kenzie! such a sweetheart! so happy she’s in my life! love that little girl! 🙂
  • alexi came home again! i’m so lucky that my sisters have gotten to come home a lot! i miss having them around on a regular basis and it’s nice when they come home (even if it was for a hurricane, like the weekend before haha).
  • i voted! i still can’t believe that this is my SECOND presidential election i’ve gotten to vote in.

what’s up next:

  • catching up on some editing. i’m making my way through the list and trying to knock out a good chunk before the rest of my sessions for make it on there. trying to power through!
  • hopefully finish settling in to my room. still so many boxes! haha. this weekend should be more low key and i can finally unpack and make it more like home! 🙂
  • you hear that?! me either! that’s the sound of SILENCE! no more election drama! woot woot! 😉


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