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yes yes. i know. i’m a little behind the curve. thankfully, i’ve come to my senses and hopped on board the hunger games train. i am in LOVE with that series. i am currently on the second one (catching fire) and i’m trying to take my time with it because i don’t think i can handle the withdrawals that come with ending the series. i am just a little bit obsessed. i mean, while the olympics was going on i may have had a few conspiracies that they could turn into the future hunger games! am i crazy? yes! could it happen? ya never know…

my sisters and i have discussed these books through and through (well from what i’ve read so far). we’ve come to the conclusion that if i were to ever go into the hunger games i would be one of the first tributes gone. i would be way to nervous and scared to even move. amanda and alexi however have a mean streak that might get them until the end haha.

enough with my crazy ideas haha. but seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, DO IT! it’s a little twisted, but it makes ya think. and who doesn’t love a good love triangle? 😉

any good reads you’d like to recommend? feel free to share!

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