craziness | mid-week montage

whew. it’s only wednesday and boy am i already feeling the weight of this week. the kids were cray-cray at school yesterday (must be a full moon). i still love them to the moon and back, but would it kill them to not chase each other with pointy mulch? haha. let’s hope today goes better. 😉

without further ado, here’s the second installment to the mid-week montage. i can’t believe it’s already been a week since the last one. time really does fly the older you get.

what happened:

  • i have been SLACKIN’ BIG TIME on my exercise. i am going to be as a hot air balloon if i don’t get my butt in gear. i should go on a walk after this and enjoy this weather. yeah, that’s what i’ll do. 😉 HOLD ME TO IT!
  • hung out with justin this weekend. we caught the tail end of the HSC football game, hung out with some of his friends and sister, and ate mexican food. twice.
  • sooooo… do you remember ashley and scott? well, i had the pleasure of shooting ashley’s beautiful twin sister adrienne and her adorable family! 🙂 and justin helped too! he’s becoming quite the photographer. YAY!
  • i have been a complete tv junkie lately. i have so many shows that DVR is working overtime to keep me up-to-date haha.
  • justin and i watched dolphin tale (totally ruined his macho-man cred haha), but it’s SO CUTE! definitely check it out!

what’s up next:

  • okay. i have been super excited about this ALL SUMMER!!! my first DOUBLE HEADER WEDDING WEEKEND IS HAPPENING!!!! yay yay yay!!!!! i am so excited because both of the brides are AWESOME! ok, gonna use some more exclamation points now. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  • alexi MIGHT come home this weekend. yay! now i need to convince amanda to do the same! 😉
  • after this awesome DOUBLE HEADER WEDDING WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA, i will be going to the fair!!! i absolutely love the fair. it’s so fun, colorful, and just down right interesting! my favorite thing, though, is probably the food hehe (again, such a fatty 😉 i’m most looking forward to the corn dogs (favorite!), fried pickles, kettle corn, homemade lemonade, and fried oreos! i can feel my arteries clogging already.
  • my friend lindsey and justin will be helping me out this weekend as second shooters! so excited to work with them again! 🙂
  • i would love love love to get a better workflow and more organized. after reading lauryn galloway’s awesome post on the subject, i really want to get my act together haha. hopefully i can get started on that ASAP. i feel like being organized would make my life 15684903358291753913 x’s easier. not exaggerating. 

here’s to an awesome week. want something to get done? go out there and make it happen!

stay sweet! ♥

p.s. here’s a peek at the praise team that will be gracing the blog this friday. and another peek into the family session from this weekend! 🙂

such a fun group and a sweet moment before their session!

this shot is so fun and full of personality! LOVE IT! 🙂

this shot was justin’s. so proud!

GORGEOUS!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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