i’ve seen some couples out there (including myself) looking for date ideas to break out of the normal funk. i’ve


i’ve seen some couples out there (including myself) looking for date ideas to break out of the normal funk. i’ve talked with friends and even got some help from y’all. here are the ideas we came up with. some of the sound like a LOT of fun and i want to go do them NOW! haha. check ’em out! maybe you could even use one of these ideas for tomorrow. it could be your best valentine’s day yet! 😉


  • cinabistro – it’s such a fun date idea! and if you have a family, it’s the perfect excuse to take a few hours away from the kids. it’s a 21 and over movie theater. they have fun drinks named after your favorite movies. it’s a little bit on the pricey side, but it’s a fun experience to do once in a while. i have yet to go there, but i WILL one day haha. from different recommendations i’ve heard, it’s best to just have a drink and the popcorn. i’ve heard the popcorn is extra yummy!
  • laser tag – how fun would it be to have a little competition with your significant other? play a couple of rounds and whoever has the lowest score treats the other to ice cream or a treat of their choice!
  • game night – grab your favorite board games and duke it out!
  • explore your local town – for the local scene here, travel around RVA. there are a lot of cool places around here that are great for exploring. if you’re brave you can try some of the parks (it’s FREEZING still) or you can find a museum or new coffee shop. whatever floats your boat! 🙂
  • a book date – grab the current books you’re reading and go find a secluded spot. bring your favorite beverage and make it a date! it’s something different and fun! so go ahead and get cozy!
  • dinner and a movie – ya know, some people may get bored with this cliche date, but i LOVE it! i love food (obviously) and i am a movie fanatic! so for me, it’s a win to go on a date like this! 🙂


  • the local art museum – justin and i had such a fun time visiting our art museum. it was such a fun time and something new for us to do and experience together.
  • the Baltimore aquarium – up for a little road trip? try this one on for size!
  • lewis ginter – this can be beautiful anytime of year, just depends on if you’re up for braving the cold! 😉
  • try a new restaurant – is there a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, but never have the time to go? this is the perfect opportunity! go ahead and be adventurous!
  • byrd theater – my FAVE! i love this place! they play $2 movies and it’s a beautiful theater! and on the weekends they have an awesome organ player rise up on the stage! it’s always a fun experience and it never disappoints!
  • go to a concert  – get tickets to your favorite band and enjoy a night rockin’ out!


  • get a couples massage – yes please! this would be an awesome date and totally relaxing!
  • ice skating – i have always wanted to do this. i remember ice skating when i was younger, but i haven’t done it in years! this would be another fun thing to try and a good workout too! 😉
  • rock climbing – for you adventurous couples out there, this would be a good date option! and another good workout too! haha.
  • dance lessons – i would LOVE to one day take ballroom dancing lessons haha. maybe it’s because of my obsession with dancing with the stars, but i have always loved watching ballroom dancers. the way they move so elegantly with the waltz and such great rhythm with the samba! man! it would be awesome!
  • a gym night – go to the gym and encourage each other along the way! nothing like having a cheerleader pushing you along the way! 🙂
  • make dinner together – this is the perfect date-night in! find some yummy recipes you’ve been wanting to try and make a meal together!

  • get pictures taken – hehe okay i’m not just saying that so you can book a session with me (even though that would be AWESOME haha), but it really is a fun experience! have a photo session together and get some updated pictures! all you do during the session is love on each other and have fun anyway. then you’ll have some sweet pictures to remember that fun day!
  • a scavenger hunt – for my birthday last year, justin and a few of my friends put together a scavenger date together. it was so cute and creative! i loved it!! definitely a cute idea and would put a smile on anyone’s face! 🙂
  • a trip to DC – take a road trip and go explore the different monuments and museums!
  • karaoke night – sing a cheezy love song to each other or rock out your favorite jam! either way it’ll be really fun and will probably have you rolling in the floor laughing at each other.
  • date night at a 5 star hotel – we have a gorgeous hotel, the jefferson (in RVA), that would be perfect for this. have a lovely dinner together and soak up the 5-star experience!
  • cosmic bowling – now, i haven’t always had the best experience with bowling haha, but i still think it’s fun! neon lights, fun music, and a little competition is always a good time! 🙂

  • glass blowing or a pottery class –  make some art together!
  • take a cooking class – if you are not that talented in the kitchen (like myself), take a cooking class to boost your confidence and learn how to cook together!
  • eat 3 courses at 3 different restaurants – have an appetizer at one place, get the main course at different restaurant, and finish up with dessert at a another restaurant. it’s nothing to spectacular but still sounds fun to me (the food addict) haha.
  • limo ride – sneak away in a limo and get a tour of the town. that sounds pretty fun to me! 🙂

  • dinner at the rooftop – i have no clue how this could happen, but it sounds romantic, right? haha. just imagine an intimate dinner overlooking the city and lights. so romantic! 🙂
  • a weekend getaway – find a B&B or a lodge or SOMEWHERE you want to visit and have a private getaway for the weekend!
  • stargazing – i know it’s a little cold for this, but it’s the perfect reason to snuggle haha. grab some cozy blankets and cuddle up under the stars!
  • double date – grab another couple and go have some fun!
  • get up and watch the sunrise – i know, i know it’s super early, BUT it’s TOTALLY WORTH it! i should know, i’ve been getting up pretty early these past few weeks and the skies are just a wonderful masterpiece. you could even go get breakfast afterwards as a reward for getting up early! 😉 chick-fil-a, anyone?
  • go to a recording studio – are you guys the serenading type? haha. find a studio and make a song together. release the inner musician in you. 😉 who knows, maybe it could be the next hit song! 😉

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