Engagement Ring Photography Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how photographers get photos of engagement rings? I wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes info on how I make those shots happen. I got this idea when it was a super cloudy/rainy day, so it was a little more challenging than normal. 

Here’s what I did: 

-I found a few items around the house to incorporate as the backdrop for my photos.

-I found the best light in my house. To be honest, that is not very much in the spring/summer. It’s like we live in a rain forest since there are so many trees and on a cloudy day, the natural light is basically non-existent. 

-I set up a little studio for the ring photos. 

engagement ring photo tutorial engagement ring photo tutorial

As you can see, it’s pretty dark in my house, but I made due with what I could. I used I white cloth as the backdrop, my stack of printer paper to reflect more light back onto the rings, and my headband from my wedding to ad texture/a bit of sparkle to the photo!  From the final shot (above), you’d have no idea what the actual setup looked like! 

Often times, that’s what it looks like on a wedding day. A crazy setup to make a fun shot! 🙂 

engagement ring photo tutorial engagement ring photo tutorial engagement ring photo tutorial engagement ring photo tutorial engagement ring photo tutorial

For my next option, I used a piece of stationary as the backdrop for my ring photos! 

engagement ring photo tutorial

Isn’t that so fun?! 

Well, I hope this post was helpful to anyone trying to get creative ring photos! You can practice with anything and anywhere! 🙂 

engagement ring photo tutorial

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