faves for friday | i love to laugh

tonight, while doing alexi’s nails for prom, my sisters and i were dying of laughter. we were making fun of our dad, quoting our favorite shows, and just laughing for the sake of laughing. it was heaven. i love laughing so much. it immediately makes my day better. i could wake up in a groggy state and be in a “mehh” mood at work, but all it takes is one cute comment from one of my kiddies and i’m on top of the world. 😀

i find lots of things funny too. corny, slapstick, stupid humor, dark humor, sarcasm, pretty much anything! i’m not hard to please and am easily amused! 😉

i love pinterest for this exact reason. i will just be scrolling through the posts and BAM! i’ve fallen on the floor due to a sudden spasm of laughter. it’s great.

that’s why i love my funny shows and movies. if it weren’t for friends, big bang theory, gLee, she’s the man, etc., my life would have a little less flavor. i guess the purpose of this post is just to make ya laugh or at least point a smile on someone’s face. hopefully these posts will make that happen. have day filled with laughter, loves! <3

i love she’s the man! so many quotable lines that apply to my life! hahahaha.

so punny!

psych humor! 🙂

i just relish in corny jokes! 😉

this is my life. happens all the time. they really need to work on that.


how can you not laugh?!

hahahaha. multitasking.

hehehehehe. too cute!

yupp. this is me.

me and my sisters. we should really have our own tv show.

awwwww. 🙂

hey, ryan! haha.

happy friday, y’all! 🙂

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