Favorite Things

We all have them right? The things we are currently obsessed with and can’t stop thinking about. These few things have been some of my favorites lately.

1. Lip Sync Battle – Ever since Saturday Night Live, I have always been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. When I found out he’d be the new host of The Tonight Show, I was ecstatic. This guy is so talented and I love watching him shine. One of my many favorite things from his show is the Lip Sync Battle! When I saw they were doing a spin-off of the show I couldn’t wait to watch it! How fun is it to see celebrities go all out and have so much fun?! I love it!

2. Iced Chai Tea Latte w/Vanilla – This has been my favorite beverage of choice lately. The only place who seems to make it the way I like it, is Starbucks! It has the perfect combo of spice and it’s a great pick-me-up! What’s your favorite Starbucks beverage?!

3. Tieks – I know I’ve already talked about how wonderful these shoes are, but I can’t help to post about them again! They are SO COMFORTABLE! It’s really unfortunate for all of my other shoes haha because these are the only ones I want to wear now! 🙂

4. Serial – You guys, if you’re into mystery or shows like Law & Order, this podcast is for you! It’s 12 episodes about a murder that happened 15 years ago. A high school boy was convicted of murdering his ex girlfriend back in 1999. This case was brought to the host’s attention just last year. She dug into it and has uncovered a lot of information. If you’re in the car a lot, I highly recommend this series! I listened to it all in one weekend. It’s very interesting! To view more information, be sure to go to the site. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

Those are my current favorite things! I’d love to know some of yours so I can check them out! Also, if you have any favorite podcasts you love, feel free to leave them in the comment section! I’m always looking for new podcasts! 🙂

Tieks Starbucks Serial Lip Sync Battle

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