this is one of my FAVORITE shows EVER! it never fails to make me laugh and i feel like


this is one of my FAVORITE shows EVER! it never fails to make me laugh and i feel like they are part of my family. my sisters and i Β usually refer to them like they are our own friends haha. THAT’S how much we love this show! i hope you find some laughter from this post. if you haven’t seen this show before, PLEASE change that. it comes on nick at nite at 11! go ahead with your bad self and DO IT! πŸ™‚

1.) i love this episode! i just find it hilarious that all three of them are wearing wedding dresses so nonchalantly. monica and phoebe even have a staged bouquet toss. this episode is a must-see!

2. this scene cracks me up every time. one moment the camera is on joey and then he turns around and that dog is barking at him. it’s just such a funny sight, you can’t help but dying of laughter. πŸ˜€

3.) monica is searching for her dream dress at a discount wedding store. she finds the dress but this lady wants it too. my sisters and i say this episode will probably reflect how we’ll act in the future. amanda will be monica – the one who is in control, i’m rachel – hiding in the dresses away from the crazies, and alexi is phoebe – the one who stays calm and slaps people back to reality. if you know us, this true in many ways. hehe.Β 

4.) phoebe realizes she can change her name and that is what she changes her name to: princess consuela bananahammock. her new husband changes his to mike crapbag. to prove a point. so funny!

5.) what’s funnier than a turkey on your head with a hat and giant sunglasses?

6.) hehe is your joey’s apple giving you any problems?

7.) speaks for itself πŸ™‚

8.) hehe you have to see this episode (okay, maybe just all of them haha)! rachel is scared of swings due to a “traumatic” childhood experience with them so she doesn’t want her daughter riding them. ross tries convincing her there is nothing to be afraid of. it’s so funny at the end because he gets knocked out by a kid on the swing. mwahaha. ya have to see it!

9.) i could watch this episode again and again! he goes to a spray tanning place and doesn’t listen to the people. this was the end result haha. and the best part is that he only looks like that on the front side of his body hahaha. priceless! πŸ™‚

10.) hehe. phoebe always has the best lines!

11.) hehe. my sisters and i use this now. it doesn’t really matter, it’s like a “moo point.”

12. hehe chandler and rachel kept fighting over this delicious cheesecake and it all fell on the floor. they started eating it then joey just shows up and joins in. SO GREAT! haha. typical joey moment!

13. hahaha this is one of the thanksgiving episodes. the four stuck in the door were late for dinner and made monica mad so she locked them out. this episode is called “the one with the floating heads.” i remember watching this for the first time and just laughing out loud in my room by myself because it was just so funny. really! it’s the little things in life that amuse me! πŸ™‚

okay okay! i know that we’ve already done 13, but here are just a few more snapshots from the episodes. there’s too much funny to just have 13. πŸ™‚

happy thursday, y’all! watch an episode to brighten your day! πŸ™‚

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