sprinkled throughout this post are picture updates from the month of november. gosh. i can’t believe this is the last

sprinkled throughout this post are picture updates from the month of november. gosh. i can’t believe this is the last month of 2012. here’s to hoping this is a great month. and i can’t wait for what 2013 holds! 🙂

here’s this week’s mid-week montage:

what happened:

  • made a SUCCESSFUL meal for my dad, ariel, and myself. it wasn’t anything too fancy. just meatloaf and green beans. the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t burnt and everyone had seconds. sounds like a winner to me! 🙂
  • visited my beautiful friend jenn in lynchburg! we had a BLAST! i hadn’t seen this girl since the summer and we had a much-needed  girls’ weekend. we watched movies, had girl talk, made our own caramel apple spice drinks (with the help of her lovely roommate), and just enjoyed some stress-free fun!
  • in the middle of my visit with jenn, i made a trip to danville for a family photo session. seriously, i cannot wait to show y’all their session next week! i LOVE this family. they are so sweet and so much fun! we had a great time and that will totally be visible in the photos. so grateful for such amazing families in my life! 🙂
  • on my way back from lynchburg, i stopped in farmville to visit the one and only: justin. with out crazy lives, we have probably only seen each other three days in the last two months. YIKES! i will be so happy when his finals are over and he doesn’t have to stress anymore. we went on a nature walk that ended up being over three miles haha. we also watched toy story 3 (since he has never seen it). it was a nice relaxing end to my weekend!
  • the kids at school have been extra crazy lately. i know we had a full moon last week, but things still haven’t changed. i keep telling them santa is watching, but they don’t seem to mind haha. pray for sweet little angels for us, please! 😉

what’s up next: 

  • i get to eat some yummy mexican food with my mom and ariel then babysit some of my favorite kiddies tonight! YAY!!! love me some jack and abby! 🙂
  • i have two more Christmas sessions this weekend! SO excited! this job never gets old! i love it! i love all of the amazing people i get to meet! 🙂
  • i MIGHT be going to my dad’s Christmas party at his work. this will be SO MUCH FUN. they have a dj and awesome food. basically like a wedding, minus the bride and groom. bring. it. on.
  • speaking of parties, my staff Christmas party is this weekend too! i can’t wait to just enjoy hanging out with my co-workers without making sure the kids aren’t shoving leggos up their noses. it’ll be nice. 😉
  • i am also hoping i’ll get to hang out with some of my sweet college friends this weekend, if our plans line up! *fingers crossed*
hope you enjoy a peek into my last month! yay for the iphone! don’t know what i’d do if i couldn’t take pictures of my yummy food. 😛
have a great week y’all!!! have you gotten into the Christmas spirit yet?

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