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light is the one of the most crucial things when it comes to photography. that’s why it is so important to me, when i schedule a session with my brides and grooms! the time of day their shoot takes place can really have an impact on how their pictures’ look and feel.

my personal style is very glow-y (is that even a word?:). i love light-filled images and absolutely adore it when my couples are kissed by the sun’s rays. there is something so romantic about those images and i can’t get enough of them!

here are 3 tips on working with natural light and how to be confident no matter what situation you are in! 🙂  

– golden hour – my preferred time of day to shoot an engagement session is either 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. while i know a sunrise session is extremely early, there is something so ethereal about the light that makes it all worth it! sessions before sunset are beautiful as well! i love the dreamy light! “golden hour”, as a lot of photographers like to call it, is my favorite! i love having sun flare in my pictures and that is the perfect time for it!

overcast – on days where the skies are overcast, the time for your session can change! because the sun is hiding, it’s not as harsh outside and you are able to have your session at really any time during that day. while brides might be upset if it’s a cloudy day on their wedding, photographers love it! it is the ideal lighting condition for photographers because we can go ANYWHERE!

direct sunlight – there are times when you really have no choice when your session or wedding portraits take place. when that happens, you have to be ready to rock it out! 🙂 if you find yourself in this situation, open shade will be your best friend! find an area that is covered, yet the sun is pouring in. you can work with the directional light and still produce some beautiful portraits! 

no post would be complete without some pictures! i just love my couples and want to share their photos every chance i can get! 🙂






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