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i haven’t been as present with my personal posts lately. there are so many thoughts fumbling around in my mind, but none of the words will string together to make sense. i have so many topics i want to talk about scribbled on post-it notes. i just can’t bring myself to write them write now! haha. one day, but until then they’re still just for me.

i have been wanting to share something with y’all, though. i was in bible study the other week and i learned something really cool and thought you might want to know.

we were talking about the difference between grace and mercy. i always used to think the two words were basically interchangeable.

God would show us grace. God would show us mercy. however, while still pretty similar, they are used in two different ways.

basically, showing someone mercy is withholding a punishment that they deserve. example: instead of God letting us be lost to sin, He sent His Son to save us from death. pretty cool, right?

it gets better. this really gets to me!

GRACE is receiving a gift that we don’t deserve. example: God shows us grace by giving us eternal life!

that is so cool!!!! i love how both of those words have so much meaning and are so powerful. i also love how we can show other’s God’s love by extending grace and mercy to others.

just a thought for the day. sorry for the completely random post! i just felt i needed to share it with you. hope at least one person got something out of it! 🙂

stay tuned for a gorgeous DIY wedding on the blog tomorrow! you guys are going to love it!!!! 🙂


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