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water is essential for life.

we thirst for it. we NEED it. without it, it’s hard to survive.

for me, God is the same as water. without Him, i cannot function. i’ll think i can handle something on my own, but then i grow weak trying to figure things out without His help. i NEED Him.

this weekend, my church is having a revival. it’s a good time to get refreshed and refueled. there will be different speakers there and even dinner. you should totally come!

something my pastor talked about in church on sunday was how we need to show people love. that by showing people love, we are showing them an example of God’s love for them.  often times, people see christians as judgmental and that can turn them away from anything church related. i completely understand and i’m sorry for how you’ve been treated before. instead of being critical, we need to show LOVE. it’s not our place to pass judgement. we are all the same  and God loves us all the same. THAT is what matters. i’m sorry if you were ever told differently.

for part of the revival, we have been handing out water bottles. no, we don’t go up to people and preach to them. we just hand them out. the end. if they end up wanting to come to revival, yay! if not, at least they stayed hydrated and hopefully loved.

it is not up to us to judge or criticize. it is up to us to love and accept because that is what Jesus would do.

the man answered, “‘you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ and, ‘love your neighbor as yourself (luke 10:27).'”

i hope today finds you well. know that you are special and loved.

p.s. tomorrow’s friday! 🙂



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I’m Virginia Ashley, but my friends just call me Ashley! I’m a wedding photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Even though I live in RVA, I travel all over for photography, which is awesome because I LOVE to travel! I’ve been as far as California and have my passport burning a hole in my pocket!

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