AHHHH!!!! Today is the day! Justin and I were up at 3:45 to get ready for our flight to CANCUN MEXICO!!! AHHH!!!! I can’t believe we get to go on our honeymoon!!! I almost thought we weren’t gonna make it. The stomach bug and strep have been going around. We’ve been trying to dodge it left and right. I’ve been feeling like a doctor prepping for surgery whenever I wash my hands! haha. 

We thought we were in the clear until last night. My body started feeling achy!!! Ah! The worst! After we packed our stuff, I took some ibuprofen. That helped a lot! I’m about 90% right now, but it doesn’t matter because we’re going to MEXICO!!!! 

We’re so excited to spend some time together without any distractions and enjoy the sunshine!!! We hope to do some exploring and of course eat yummy! I’ve never been out of the country before, either, so that’s pretty cool too!!! EEE!!! 🙂 

As excited as I am, I’m gonna miss Scout so much! Is this normal? haha. At least Papa Bert is taking care of her while we’re gone! And I’ve already told him to FaceTime me with Scout at least once! 😉 hahaha. 

Alright Mexico, here we come! Welp, after this 6 hour layover in ATL at least! 😉 

See ya next week, America! 🙂 

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I’m Virginia Ashley, but my friends just call me Ashley! I’m a wedding photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Even though I live in RVA, I travel all over for photography, which is awesome because I LOVE to travel! I’ve been as far as California and have my passport burning a hole in my pocket!

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