how-to-tuesday: craft time!

i am SUPER excited about the project this week. it involves photography and an artsy way to advertise my business. i saw an idea like this on pinterest, but i tweaked it a little bit. this is another affordable project and i absolutely love it. i can’t wait to hang it up in my room.

here are the supplies i used:

  • cardboard letters
  • photographs (but you can just print pictures from the computer on regular paper too)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • modge podge
  • brush
  • black paint

i went to joann fabric’s and to buy the cardboard letters. they had a lot of different sizes. i bought the medium one. lucky for me, i already had some extra prints lying around, so i used those instead of regular computer paper. unfortunately it took more than just modge podge to hold down the pictures haha. i grabbed some tape from around the house and stuck that to the back of the pictures and mounted them on the letters. obviously, the pictures didn’t just automatically fit perfectly. i had to cut and shape them and be EXTREMELY CAREFUL haha. thankfully, if you don’t cut something out perfectly, you can overlap the pictures and no one can tell. 🙂 after i taped all the pictures down, i painted over them with modge podge so they could all look unified. once that dried, i painted the rest of the empty spaces with some leftover black paint i used in a previous project.

i am so happy with the final outcome of this craft. it is going up in my room pronto. i love it! by the way, for those of you who don’t know: the “v.a.” in v.a. photography doesn’t stand for the state of virginia; it stands for my name – virginia ashley. 🙂 so now you know the real meaning behind the name of my business.

i hope you all enjoy! feel free to share any craft ideas you’ve done. i love learning new things and working on different projects. we could even get together and have a craft day! haha.

oh, and justin helped photographer a couple of the pictures. he’s getting so good. i love my little photographer! 😉

happy crafting to all of you! 🙂

justin photographed the one on the right. good job! he’s picking up everything so fast!

justin also photographed this shot. i must say, i was impressed with this. very creative! 🙂

these are just shots from a few of my shoots. i need to get prints of the rest of them. i don’t know about y’all, but i have such a hard time choosing my favorite pictures. my clients are so wonderful and make it hard to choose one good picture of them. i guess i’m just lucky! 😉

of course i had to do the shameless plug. *woot woot*

ahhhhhh! this looks SO cool. i LOVE pinterest!

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