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Happy Friday

this week has been pretty mild compared to other weeks. the kids at school have been pretty well-behaved for the most part. one little girl was not being very nice the other day, so i told her to stop being so rude. to which she replied, “i am NOT BEING RUDOLPH!!!” hahaha. oh goodness! it’s so hard to be frustrated with them when they do something cute like that. 😉

since this week has been pretty mild, i’ll just head on to this week’s peaks and pits:


  • the return of some of my favorite tv shows!!! being a tv junkie i was pretty excited about! pretty little liars, bunheads, switched at birth, and the lying game all came back on tv. OH! and i started getting hooked on the biggest loser. man, jillian michaels is a pretty scary lady.
  • had some down time. it’s been nice to relax some and finally get back to reading the last book in the hunger game series! i want to try to finish it this month! it’s SO GOOD!
  • i have made a lot of headway on my secret project that’s in the works! can’t wait to share more! 🙂 it’s gonna be so fun!
  • the warmer weather! i don’t know about y’all, but i am so ready for spring. i’m not a big fan of the cold, so bring on the sun!!! 🙂
  • the screen on my markii is fixed!!! YAYYYY!!!! i have the most amazing clients/friends in my life! i am forever grateful! 🙂


  • my sisters went back to school! i miss having them around already and spring break feels forever away.
  • i have made no headway on starting an exercise routine yet, haha. FAIL!

and yupp. i think that’s about it for now. hope everyone has a great weekend and that the weather is beautiful for everyone to play in!!! 🙂

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