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funny story:

the other day at work i was trying to get the kids settled down for nap. classical music filled the room while the wiggly kids were coming up with every excuse not to drift off to dreamland. as i was rubbing one of the kid’s backs to try and help them sleep, the 4s came in for nap. cute little makenzie, who was decked out in her justin bieber shirt strutted in, gave me a hug, and was about to get under her blanket when stevie shot up off his mat. his big puppy-dog brown eyes looked up at me and he said, “i’m gonna marry her.” holding back my giggles, i asked him why. he replied eagerly, “because she’s wearing a justin bieber shirt. SHE LIKES JUSTIN BIEBER. can i give her a hug?” makenzie raises her eyebrows and with her sugary-sweet attitude responds, “pshhhh. justin bieber is my boyfriend. i’m not going to hug you.” bahahahahahaha. i love my job. they are so cute and make my heart smile in so many ways.

after hanging out with 3 year old kids, you’ll know who’s hot and who’s not. justin bieber is definitely the chatter of the playground. we always have dance parties at work and his songs are the most requested number haha. some kids refer to him as “justin BEAVER”, though haha. when i asked if he was an animal, they looked at me funny. i told them that’s not how his name goes, but they insisted that i was wrong. oh well, i’ve learned to pick my battles with them. 😉

just a day in the life of me.

ooooooh justin. check out his luscious locks. 😉

p.s. stay tuned for next week. i’m working on some super-cute crafts for my room. one is even photography related and i am SO excited to finish it! 🙂

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