another weekend came and went. sadface 🙁 so glad i got to do what i love and spend time with

another weekend came and went.

sadface 🙁

so glad i got to do what i love and spend time with the people i love too!

friday night was halloween and oh-so-fun!!! for a peek at my elsa costume, check it out here! my sweet friend from school made it and it looked so good! so thankful for creative friends! we had a fun halloween parade at school and i had a blast handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters! maybe too much fun! haha. when my first trick-or-treater rang the doorbell, i might have squealed with joy! and i might, or might not, have “frozen” people with silly string! it was basically awesome! 😉

saturday morning, my best friend and i headed off to pennsylvania to meet one of my sweet 2015 couples and shoot their engagement session! it rained the entire drive up there, but thankfully cleared up just in time for us to have their session! perfect timing! p.s. pennsylvania looks absolutely gorgeous in the fall! can’t wait to go up there next october for brittany and bobby’s wedding! it’ll be beautiful!

sunday we made the journey home, but not before making a quick detour in philly for an authentic cheesesteak! it may have been 9 in the morning, but was totally worth it! even when my money flew out of my hand (thanks crazy wind!), went under me car, and had me crawling after it like a desperate lady! haha. still worth it! hahaha. then i got back just in time for a sweet session with an amazing family at my school.

i ended the weekend with the walking dead. i mean, seriously?! how can they leave us hanging after every episode?! it’s worse than pretty little liars! i need more answers!

how was your weekend?! did you brave the cold and wind or snuggle up inside?

p.s. that extra hour of sleep has been amazing!!! can we get an extra hour of sleep every day?! but for real…

here’s to surviving another week! you can do it! 🙂

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