Yay! I’m so excited to finally share Valerie’s senior photos with y’all! This was a session a week in the
midlothian virginia senior photos

Yay! I’m so excited to finally share Valerie’s senior photos with y’all! This was a session a week in the making! We met one afternoon for her session at Cosby High School to capture Valerie in her element: the softball field. While we were wrapping up that part of the session, dark clouds starting rolling in and we could hear thunder quickly approaching. We rushed to Sunday Park to finish her session, but when we arrived we knew that was not going to happen. As we looked out over the reservoir, we could see the rain showers closing in. We decided to reschedule the second part of her session and barely made it back to our cars before the downpour ensued. 

We kept rescheduling her session, but every afternoon we scheduled it for always had storms pop up. Thankfully we finally found a sunny afternoon and it was beautiful!!! There was no humidity and it was the perfect time for a session! So excited to finally share it with y’all! 

Valerie is beautiful inside and out! She has a passion for softball and loves to hang out with her friends! Can’t wait for y’all to see my many favorites from her session! 🙂 

midlothian virginia senior photosmidlothian virginia senior photos_3601 midlothian virginia senior photos_3603midlothian virginia senior photos_3602 midlothian virginia senior photos_3606midlothian virginia senior photos_3604

LOVE this one! So fierce!midlothian virginia senior photos_3605 midlothian virginia senior photos_3607Beautiful!midlothian virginia senior photos_3610midlothian virginia senior photos_3612A favorite for sure!midlothian virginia senior photos_3623midlothian virginia senior photos_3613 midlothian virginia senior photos_3614 midlothian virginia senior photos_3615Such a beauty! 

midlothian virginia senior photos_3619 midlothian virginia senior photos_3616midlothian virginia senior photos_3618Another favorite!midlothian virginia senior photos_3617 midlothian virginia senior photos  

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