monsters vs zombies | monday reviews

movies this weekend went from one extreme to the next, for me. first up i saw world war z. i am not a huge fan of zombie-related things (with walking dead being the only exception), but i HAD to see this movie. when i first saw the trailer for this movie, it was so intriguing. i was engrossed through the whole clip right up until i saw the way the people’s bodies were contorting. “oh great” i thought, “another zombie movie.” i was on the fence about seeing that movie because it looked like it had amazing action, but i still wasn’t very keen on the whole zombie thing. thankfully i got over myself and went to see it because it was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!! i literally was on the edge of my seat the whole movie (if my head wasn’t buried in justin’s armpit). i found myself taking a few deep breathes when i walked out of the theater because i kept holding my breath during intense scenes! if you’re looking for an action-packed movie and aren’t afraid of zombies, this movie is for you. heck, even if you ARE afraid of zombies you should still go see it. just bring someone along for comfort haha. even if you’re not a big brad pitt fan (helllloooo, i’m team jennifer aniston over here haha), you should still see it! it’s so good! PLUS, pepsi did the perfect product placement in that movie. now you HAVE to see it so you’ll understand what i’m talking about! 😉 go! go now! then tell me what you think! 🙂 oh, but beware, the previews are all creepy as heck so maybe take that time to grab your popcorn and get some snacks. you’ll thank me later when you get a peaceful sleep that night.

so we covered the zombies, now let’s talk about the monsters. i am a huge pixar fan! can’t wait for finding dory to come out! of course when i heard they were making a prequel to monsters inc, i knew i had to see it. if you’re one of those people who hates sequels and prequels because you feel they ruin the original movie, don’t worry because this movie is almost better than the first! the storyline is very creative (monsters in college – it takes ya back 😉 and equally funny. plus, if you just saw world war z, it’s something cute that will help you not have nightmares! haha. i was really impressed with this movie. anyone can see this, whether you’re 5 or 85. it’s cute for all ages! so grab your favorite kid and get lost in this movie! again, i’d love to hear what you think about it! 🙂

well, that’s my weekend movie review! you’ll probably be seeing more of these since so many awesome movies are coming out *coughLONERANGERcough*. can’t wait!!!

oh, and this post is coming from my NEW MACBOOK!!!!!! eeeeepppp!!!!! so thankful to take this step with my business! i love it and can’t wait to start editing some pictures on this baby! speaking of editing, markia and ray’s wedding should hit the blog later this week! stay tuned!!! 🙂 happy monday!!!! 🙂


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