preschool diaries: part 3

here is the latest installment to my preschool diaries posts. really, the things these kids come up with is astounding. 🙂

“i like lem-o-lade!”

“if that’s your love handle, is that your right handle?”

“when i grow up i wanna be tinkerbell!”

“when i grow up i wanna be a green and white truck!”

“i get mad at my mom because she won’t let me have 2 frogs in my bathtub. she got mad because they kept jumping out. then i got mad at her.”

“i have a bologna sandwich, and so does she! let’s get married!”

“is africa where the dark people live?”

“you need to tell him to be my boyfriend or i’m gonna run away and cry!”

“you’re so pretty.” “you can say that again!”

“why are y’all punching each other?!” “i’m trying to see if he’s good enough to be my sidekick.”

“my easter bunny goes to the gym.”

“i like oakmeal!”

“what’s your favorite vegetable?” “CHEETOS!”

“why are you so cute?” “because that’s how God made me!”

little boy has strawberry juice on his nose: “i’m rudolph!”

now, here are some pictures of my beautiful kiddies. they have THE MOST GORGEOUS eyes! when i rented the macro lens about a month ago, i got the idea to get up close and personal with their eyes. i hope you like the end result. EYE sure do! 😉 hehe, i’m cool!


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