productivity | mid-week montage

i feel like i have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, lately. i know i moved in a couple of weeks ago, but MAN. they never say how long it takes to get settled in. i STILL have boxes that need to be unpacked. i STILL have clothes that need to be put away. i STILL only sleep on half of my bed because of junk that needs to find a home. haha. i get up. go to work. come home, clean and unpack some, then EDIT. i have been an editing machine lately. i finished up 4 sessions and still have 2 left. yay! the list is getting smaller before it starts stacking up again. but TRUST ME, i am not complaining. i am so thankful to have sessions to edit and so thankful to have a place to live. no complaints here. this past week i have been trying to be more productive and i FINALLY got everything mailed out! PHEW! now, to finish these other sessions before the rest get here. *i think i can, i think i can!*

so without further ado…

what happened:

  • shot the beautiful clippinger’s family session. they are some amazing people and i’m so blessed that i had the honor of taking their family pictures! 🙂
  • i babysat a lot! i LOVE babysitting jobs. with student loans, a car payment, bills, groceries, and a business to invest in, any extra money helps. babysitting is a fun way for me to earn money and hang out with sweet kids! 🙂
  • story time! we haven’t had story time or library for the last two weeks (hurricane and then the preschool had off for the election). i’ve missed it! we started back this week with one of my favorite characters: skippyjon jones!!! 🙂
  • i finally got to see my mom’s new home. since my parent’s split, i haven’t seen my mom’s new place. it’s really quaint and perfect for her and ariel. i even got to enjoy a yummy dinner with them and watch some of our favorite tv shows! time to get used to the new normal! 😉

what’s up next:

  • i’m planning on getting another family session up on the blog by friday! let’s do this!
  • i’m getting my hair cut tomorrow! also probably getting some more pink/red put in too! this makes the kids at school really think i’m a mermaid! 😉
  • the KATELYN JAMES WORKSHOP is THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! i repeat, THIS FRIDAY!!!!! ahhhh!!! i think someone needs to pinch me because it does not feel real! let’s hope i actually remember to go and snap back into reality! haha. yayyyyyy!!! 🙂

happy hump day!

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