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as some of you may know, my day job is working at a preschool. i get to hang out with 3-year-old kids all day long. basically, i get to fit right in my own element. i absolutely LOVE it. they put a smile on my face EVERY day and i can’t wait to go to work (ya know, except for the whole waking up thing). i get to dance around like a goober, eat cheese balls, play hide ‘n’ seek and read my favorite children’s books. pshhh… what am i talking about?! i did that on a normal basis BEFORE i started working at a preschool. anywho… i love my kids and i don’t know who i would be without them. they are so sweet and loving (yes, even when they are eating their boogers). luckily for me, i get to have story time with them twice a week. this allows me to interact with ALL of the kids at the preschool (ages 2-4ish). i pick out a super fun book to read and the combine it with yoga and/or sign language. the previous teacher did yoga with the kids, so i figured i would continue with it. i decided to incorporate sign language into story time as well, because i have always loved it. i learned about it in 11th grade and have continued broadening my knowledge with it ever since. besides, who doesn’t love fun hand motions when you’re 3?

i wish i could post all the cute pictures of my kids on here, but for legal reasons you’ll just have to use your imaginations. instead, i’ll post some pics of my bulletin boards i put together for story time. ahhhh!!! it was so much fun! i love craft time. haha. and GLITTER. we can’t forget the glitter.

this is the board right outside of my classroom.

 this is the board inside of my class. ahhhh. i just love purple and black and glitter. THE best. i wish the yoga cards would go with my theme, oh well haha. those are the poses we’re doing this week. kid yoga is actually really fun and great for stretching out your achy body. i know it helps me feel a lot better.

well, that’s it for now. sweet dreams my loves.


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I’m Virginia Ashley, but my friends just call me Ashley! I’m a wedding photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Even though I live in RVA, I travel all over for photography, which is awesome because I LOVE to travel! I’ve been as far as California and have my passport burning a hole in my pocket!

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