it’s been a while since i’ve done an about me post! i was thinking about this last night when


it’s been a while since i’ve done an about me post! i was thinking about this last night when we were trying to outrun a storm! that sparked my mind to write a post about things i’m afraid of!

1. thunderstorms – i don’t know if it’s the wind, the noise, the lightening, or the chance of tornados that often times comes along with it! i am just not a fan of thunderstorms. being stuck in the middle of the storm at the beach when i was little changed my view for good! i think they’re pretty from a distance, but that’s about it!

2. spiders – ew! they’re sneaky and pop up in the most inconvenient places! one time i had one pop up on the ceiling in my car when i was driving with my sister. i started freaking out, afraid it would fall on my head, and immediately pulled the car over to shoo it out! 😉

3. rejection – in this industry you are told NO a lot! while i don’t like hearing it, it just motivates you to try something difference and keep pushing on! i guess that’s a healthy dose of fear to keep ya going! 😉

4. scary movies – i used to LOVE horror movies! i couldn’t wait for my heart to start racing and to be scared enough to sleep with the lights on! nowadays, i feel like life is too scary as it is and we don’t need to have previews for horror movies showing every time there’s a commercial break! when that creepy mama movie came out, i had to turn the channel anytime a preview for that came on! SO FREAKY!!! anytime i would hear the words, “alone in the wilderness for five years” i jumped on the tv control and changed it as fast as i could! yes, i’m total scaredy cat! am i alone?

5. driving in the rain – ever since i had my car accident (which totaled my car) on 95, when i hydroplaned during a tropical storm, i have a hard time driving in the rain. i used to be much worse! it would just sprinkle a little and i would have to pull over because i was having flashbacks! i’ve gotten much better, though! the only time i get super scared is when it’s another downpour! i just slow down and take my time! better to be safe than sorry!

with all these things i’m scared of, i know that i truly have nothing to fear.

“what, then, shall we say in response to these things? if God is for us, who can be against us?” – romans 8:31

so glad He’s watching out over my always neurotic self! 😉

what are YOU afraid of?!

oh, and an about me post wouldn’t be complete without a fun picture! this shot was taken when i did lauren and pat’s engagement session in yorktown! by the way, they’re getting married on SUNDAY! yayyyy!!!!! 🙂

happy weekend, friends! 🙂


photo taken by my bpf(best photographer friend): nikki!

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