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so i feel like Christmas totally snuck up on us. it’s already less than a week away. what the heck? i still have to wrap presents, bake, do laundry, clean, travel, etc. etc. holy moly! throw that to-do list in with people i need to see and i am a sight to behold. i need to slow down and not run myself ragged. i was already under the weather last week and almost had to miss the school Christmas party/pageant because i felt absolutely terrible the day before. i was so afraid i was getting the floor because i just felt so weak and had no energy. SO thankful that resting that entire evening and going to bed early helped remedy that problem. i didn’t have to let the kids down and was still able to help get everything together. the show went on! i’m so thankful too, because after everything that happened in CT earlier that day, i didn’t want to miss a second with my preschool babies! i tried to hug everyone that evening. i never want to take that for granted.


wow! still can’t believe it’s already wednesday. i’m hoping i can accomplish everything on my list of things to do. it seems never ending.

here is this week’s mid-week montage:

what happened:

  • the school Christmas party/performance. all of my little babies looked so cute singing their Christmas carols and i think they all had a blast at the party afterwards. we played games, watched Christmas movies, and made fun crafts. it was a whirlwind of an evening, but so thankful to spend it wish such beautiful kids and their amazing families!
  • justin got to experience hanging out with a bunch of preschoolers. i think he actually enjoyed it too! 😉 and i know the boys enjoyed having him there! they liked have a big kid to play with! haha.
  • we got to babysit for some of our favorite kiddies on saturday evening and we had a blast! we watched a charlie brown Christmas and laughed until we cried. it was pretty much amazing. love that jack and abby! 🙂
  • i was supposed to have an engagement session, but my beautiful bride had bronchitis! hope she’s feeling better now! it’s no fun being sick around the holidays.
  • the voice season finale! it has finally come to an end and we have to wait until next year to watch it again. this time shakira and usher will be on in place of christina and cee lo. fine by me. haha. i’m not that big of a christina fan. she’s a little too sassy for my taste.

what’s up next:

  • tonight after work i get to see my aunt and uncle. my sisters and i get to go out on a special dinner date with them. i’ve been looking forward to this all week. AND we’re thinking of going to one of our local outdoor malls and see the pretty Christmas tree outside. yay!!!!
  • thursday i have a date night with my youth pastor’s wife – jacqueline. they are the family i am living with now and it’s been pretty fun. we are going to watch pitch perfect!!! i’m pretty excited about that! i love me some sing-a-long movies haha. 😉
  • friday is the last day of work before break and we’re hoping to have a polar express day with the kids. we’re gonna let them dress in their pajamas and make sugar cookies. then later, watch polar express. pretty fun, right? i love being at preschool haha.
  • also on friday i get to go see justin and his family. which reminds me i REALLY need to get busy on wrapping gifts and baking haha. why am i always such a slacker?!
  • oh and ya know, this time next week Christmas will have already come and gone. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! it’s so close!!!!!

stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! a cute Christmas-themed session will be on the blog! you don’t wanna miss it! 😉 wishing you and your families a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

and don’t ya like my Christmas tree? 🙂


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