ahhhhhh!!! it’s that time of year again. the air is crisper, the smell of fireplaces fill tickle your nose on

ahhhhhh!!! it’s that time of year again. the air is crisper, the smell of fireplaces fill tickle your nose on your evening walk, you catch yourself curling up under the covers when you go to bed. these are just a few things you start to do when FALL rolls around. unfortunately, this is virginia and we’re still experiencing 80 degree weather hahaha. it’s okay. i’ll take it. i’ll enjoy the warmth and cling to it when winter steals it away. anywho… one of my favorite things i look forward to when fall rolls around is the STATE FAIR!!! it’s always been a tradition in my family and i have been going since as long as i can remember. i love all the colors, the smells of yummy food, and the fun people you interact with haha. it’s always an experience when you go. this year, we went way earlier in the day than we’re used to going AND on one of the busiest days haha. probably not the best combo, but we survived haha. next time i’m going at night, ’cause it’s so fun to see everything lit up. it’s like a different world! i still had fun and so happy i got to spend some time with my sister, alexi!!! yay!!!! the only thing that would have made it better is if amanda would have come too! 🙂

well, here is what my experience at the fair looked like. if you haven’t been you should go! and eat a corn dog for me! 🙂

happy friday!

the grizzly bear cubs! they were so cute! this picture doesn’t seem that way, though haha.


channeling her inner katniss. 😉

SO CUTE! my kids at school would have loved these things! i should have gotten one for winter!


supa fly!

favorite food at the fair! they have the best corn dogs everrrrr!!! 🙂

sour lemon?

oh johnny!

SO COOL! all of these art projects were made from duct tape. i would totally wear those earrings!

awwww!!! he’d fit right in with our kitties at home! 😉

tractor girl!

senior pictures!!!! haha. just kidding! 😉

we were pretending to be transformers. 😉 yes – we’re cool!

LOVE this! 🙂

have i mentioned how much i LOVE the 50mm 1.2!!!! i can’t wait until it’s all mine! maybe one day! 🙂


awwww!!! what a babe! the perfect model! 😉

got the paparazzi all up in the grill!

nerds! 😉

drama queen! 😉

love this shot of ariel’s friend, emma! so cute!

yes, it’s overexposed. yes, i still like it. we look like angels! 🙂



clearly, she should quit her day job and just be a model. 😛

like the ombre sky? 😉

yummmmmmmm!!!! i gained 1370953427q8097 lbs from this state fair adventure.

hehe she loves us. 😉

and for your viewing pleasure: family overalls. made for all ages. 😉


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