thoughts for thursday

i don’t know about y’all, but my brain is always going 100 mph. when i’m eating lunch at work and trying to rest before the kids wake up from nap, my brain just comes up with all of these ideas. then, when i try to go to bed at night it just keeps me up. i over analyze everything and i’m always trying to think of new things photography related. i try writing it in lists, but even that doesn’t help all the way.

sooooo… i’m just going to blurt out my thoughts and you can tell me what ya think.

here are my goals (in no specific order):

-attend a photography workshop

-get my eyebrows waxed

-mail wedding edits CD

-make flyers

-prepare story for next week (included with yoga poses and sign language)

-take back my bridesmaid dress

-find ways to make more $$$

-clean my room

-get my new license plates

-skype justin

-finish paying off one of my student loans

okay. i think that’s it for now. haha. who knows for sure, though. my brain has a mind of it’s own. pahahaha. sorry. i like corny jokes.

oh, and the story on the bridesmaid dress: i ordered two of the same dress. that is why i have to take the other one back. when i ordered it online i forgot to put the coupon code in the first time, so i went back and ordered the dress again, hence two dresses. i need to get my money back so i stop panicking about being poor haha. i like my accounts to have a nice amount of $ in it haha.

anywho… time to skype justin. he’s back at school and already up to his eyeballs in work.

sweet dreams, friends!


p.s. did anyone watch tonight’s vampire diaries? can you believe it doesn’t come back on until february?

p.p.s. it’s almost friday! eeeeepppp!!! 🙂

p.p.p.s. christine! in case you’re reading, your wedding pictures are finished and should be arriving soon! 🙂

isn’t she beautiful?

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