thursday thirteen: SPRING!

i know. i know. TECHNICALLY it’s still winter, BUT it feels just like spring right now and it IS march haha. so i’m counting it, even though it will probably snow again next week haha. i’m cuddled on my couch, next to justin, and watching the VCU game with the family – ONLY 12 SECONDS LEFT!!!! let’s hope they can pull out a win. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! they just won!!!!!! on to the next round of the tourny! eeepppp!!! i have just now started respecting basketball. i didn’t like it very much when i was younger, but now i enjoy the intensity of the game. it’s so exciting! GO RAMS!

this is one of my kids at school. she loves to rock her own designs and lots of colors. future fashionista?! i think so! 🙂

anywho… ending my tangent now and back to “spring.” i wanted to bring to y’all some things about spring  i love and maybe one or two that i’m not a huge fan of haha. here it goes:

1. warmer weather – i don’t know about y’all but i am not a winter girl. i love the warm touch of the sun as it caresses my cheek, the music of the birds and the newly found energy. this weather makes me come alive. i love it! the coldness just makes me want to shrivel up in hole and not come out until summer haha. *snaps* for warmer weather.

2. HOT weather – unfortunately, in virginia, we don’t get to enjoy all 4 seasons very long. it usually goes straight from frigid weather to scorching hot. the middle ground normally doesn’t stick around for long.

3. beautiful flowers – it is such a joy to drive to work in the mornings and seeing the newly blooming flowers. as the earth sheds its winter coat, nature comes alive and is ready to show off its colors. God is such a beautiful Creator. i love His handiwork. 😉

4. pollen – one of the ONLY downsides i have of spring. i am highly allergic to pollen. my eyes get red and puffy, my arms and legs break out in rashes, i sneeze about 172 times a day (no lies), and i am just downright uncomfortable. beauty is pain, i guess. the flowers look beautiful and i’m in pain (bad joke?). 😛

5. longer days – i feel so much more productive. i love being able to come home from work and take walks or just sit on my front porch and read. it’s so pleasant!

6. more energy – in the spring, i have a lot more energy. no more sloth-like tendencies for me.

7. colors – everything is bright and fun. i love it!

8. fun clothes – don’t get me wrong, i like being able to hide away in the winter layers, but sundresses are so fun. they’re breezy and easy to work in (with shorts underneath). plus, they’re great to pick up some extra sun!

9. flip flops – i would wear flip flops everyday if i could. i can be pretty lazy sometimes and being able to just slide my shoes on makes life one step easier haha. it’s the little things. 😉

10. playing outside – working at the preschool, i get to play outside almost everyday. however, in the winter it’s not always fun. it’s nice to be able to go outside and enjoy being out there. plus, goofing around with the kids and taking cute pictures of them adds to the excitement too!

11. happy moods – i find it a lot harder to be a debbie downer when the weather is prettier. it’s hard to stay moody in the warm sun. it’s like, being sad in disney world. pretty near impossible.

12. windows down – there is nothing better than hopping in your car, rolling your windows down, and jamming to the music. insta-mood booster.

13. one step closer to summer – even though i’m not in school at the moment, i still look forward to summers. there’s just something exciting about kids getting on summer break, star gazing, late-night walks, swimming, adventures, ice cream, fireworks, etc. i can’t wait. 🙂

i hope everyone has a beautiful day tomorrow. hopefully the rain will hold off because my friend lindsey, my boyfriend justin, and i, are all supposed to go around town and have a photo shoot. pray for happy weather!


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