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we just had parent orientation last night at school!!! so exciting! i really am so grateful for where i work. i love the kids and i love the parents. they’re all so great! it was nice seeing all the familiar faces. i can’t wait to get to know the new families more. i’m sure a lot of schools say this, but our school really does feel like a family. whenever there is a function there is so much joy in our school community. it’s like a big family reunion. i love where i work. it really makes my heart smile. 🙂

this week, a lot of my kiddies who were on summer break came back! made my day!!! it’s amazing what can happen over a few short months. i swear they all grew a foot. a lot of them look like little grown ups now. they need to slow down haha.

while the last few weeks have been crazy with everyone getting organized and kids getting situated, i can’t wait for the new year. time for a fresh start with new kids. i’m gonna miss my old class like crazy, though. thankfully they’ll be right down the hall when i wanna sneak a few hugs in. 😉 that really does have to be the hardest part of the job is letting your babies go on to the next class. haha. i’d make a horrible mom. i’d always want my kids to stay the same size and never change haha.

hopefully i’ll be able to keep you more updated on the happenings at school, with lots of fun pictures too! i’m still the storytime teacher and librarian in the morning and i work with the 3’s class in the afternoon. here’s a peek into the book shelves i organized allllllll summer. it was quite a task, but so worth it. it looks great! don’t ya love the book shelves?! it’s our “book nook.” and the last picture is of the bulletin board in our class. this is where kara and i will be displaying our class’s afternoon artwork. i can’t wait!

happy friday! have a fun and restful weekend! 🙂 pray that the rain holds off for my senior session on sunday! it’s already been postponed once! haha.

oh, and pardon the iphone quality. still stoked that i have a camera phone that works now, though. so no complaints here. 🙂



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