whoa! i can’t believe that it is already july 3rd! where has the summer gone? it is going by way

whoa! i can’t believe that it is already july 3rd! where has the summer gone? it is going by way too fast. Β justin has officially moved in to richmond for the summer. he has an internship with a counseling place until the school year starts back. it’ll be nice to have him close by. no more phone calls! yay! we actually get to hang out on a normal basis and can take a break from the long-distance thing. very very nice! something that’s not so nice, though, is this crazy weather. yucky! i do not like walking outside and being covered in sweat. what’s worse is the terrible storms that always come around when the weather is this muggy. if you know me, you know i HATE storms. i still get all panicky and want to curl up in a ball in the middle of the room. i SO wish i had a basement, by the way. it would make me a lot more at ease when we have these tornado watches. i was among the 1,000,000 people who lost power. thankfully, we only lost power for around 8 hours. there are still people without it now. sidenote: if ya need a place to stay, feel free to come here!

aside from the storms, this weekend was a blast. i got to spend some time with one of my kiddies from school. we went to see brave and had a sleepover (during the storm). she did a better job at handling it than me haha. i love that kid so much and love our hangout sessions. she is just so cool. i also got a few pics of her and will hopefully be showing y’all those later this week. πŸ™‚

saturday was one of my friend’s, at work, wedding. while it was a scorcher outside, her wedding was fabulous. she made a stunning bride. her dress was gorgeous and she looked flawless. i grabbed a few shots from her special day. she’s beautiful! πŸ™‚

here’s what’s on my list:

  • 4th of july picnic at school (today)
  • makeup pictures for the cuties at school (today)
  • senior session with linda (today)
  • independence day!
  • carly’s wedding!!!!! (saturday – yay! can’t wait to support her as her bridesmaid. yay for a best friend’s wedding! <3 you beautiful lady!)
  • emily and robbie’s engagement session (SO SO EXCITED!!!)
  • visit justin’s family in bedford
  • ashley’s maternity pictures and some more shots of graceΒ πŸ™‚
  • family reunion in VA beach with some fun photo shoots in store
  • vacation bible school at church! (me and amanda always lead music with the kids, so fun!)
  • emily and dylan’s wedding!!!
  • amanda’s 20th birthday!
  • dye hair pink and blue or some cool combination!
  • clean my room! for real!
  • keep doing the 7:30 workouts with alexi twice a week
  • edit, edit, edit!
  • make more time for God (He is the reason i am here, afterall – got to give thanks back to Him)
  • take time to just enjoy life! πŸ™‚
phew. i get a little tired just looking at this list. wish me luck! hope you all stay cool! enjoy some of my favorite shots of meghan’s wedding. she’s so beautiful!

here i am, waiting to see meghan walk down the aisle. πŸ™‚

here’s amanda, waiting to see meghan too!


i love this of them. so sweet! the laughter is beautiful!

and here they are sealing the deal! awwwwww! πŸ™‚ congrats you two! πŸ™‚

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