washed by the water

it had been a scorcher almost ALL week. the day of the baptism, we were surprised to wake up to 64 degree weather. i was feeling under the weather and justin and chelsea were not looking forward to the chilly water. satan couldn’t bring ’em down, though. we all piled in the car and headed to twin lake states park. it was the last service of the school year for northview church. pastor scott and his family had gone ahead to the site and set up. it looked wonderful. the service was intimate and perfect. scott read a few scriptures from the good book and then asked everyone to gather around chelsea and justin. he prayed for them and rejoiced in their public proclamation of Jesus. after all the hugs and encouragement, the three waded out in the water. with a few squeals (from justin) and some chattering of the teeth, the dunking began. this was pastor scott’s first baptism service and we were all so thankful to be there! it was such a beautiful thing that happened and i am so glad i could be there to witness it. what a great way to end the school year and kick off their summer! many blessings to everyone who helped make it such a memorable day! 🙂

want to know more about northview?! click HERE! 🙂 i cannot wait to see what God has in store for northview and scott’s family. great things are happening!!! 🙂

i told them to act like they were cold. i don’t think there was much acting going on haha.

praying and blessings over the two.

it was just a wee bit chilly. hehe.

this is scott and his lovely wife ashley. i love them and everyone at the church and i know you will too! be sure to check them out, if you’re ever in the area! 🙂

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