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so this post isn’t as lame as it might look haha, or at least i hope it’s not. i have been wanting to explain the meaning of my business name. some of you may already know and are like, “geez, ashley, can’t you come up with something better to write about?” haha. well, maybe that’s true, BUT i would like to just put it out there  just in case someone gets that “A-HA” moment about my name. 😉

see when coming up with my name, i had heard people say that your business needs to represent you and what better way than having your business named after you. i completely agreed, but figured that SO many people know an ashley or ashleys! haha. it’s a popular name, what can i say? i just wanted to be different. WELL, what a lot of you might not know is that while i may go by the name ashley, that’s just my middle name. my first name is actually virginia (thanks, dad). see, when my parents decided to name my sisters and i, they got this crazy idea to name all of us using the same initials. SWEEEEEETTT!!! not only did they make us wear frilly dresses, with ruffled socks, we had the same initials – yupp, all of our names have the VAL initials. SO COOL! *not* haha. love y’all! my dad got to choose one name and my mom the other. my dad, being the history buff that he is, decided he would name us after historical figures from the past. while my sisters got cool names like, victoria, valerie, and veronica, i got named VIRGINIA (after queen elizabeth – woohoo!). haha.

quick recap of names:

-virginia ashley link
-victoria amanda link
-valeria alexandra (lexi) link
-veronica ariel link

so yeah, that’s where the VA came for me. when deciding on a business name, i wanted both of my names to be in it. and as cool as the  “missing link photography” might have sounded, i had to pass on that haha. while i haven’t always been fond of the name virginia, it has grown on me and i am mostly okay with it now haha. some people might just think that v.a. photography stands for virginia photography, but NOW you know it stands for virginia ashley photography. i think it’s pretty cool. it can be for my name or even the state i live in haha.

wow. i hope this post wasn’t as bad to read as i feel like it might have been haha. i just wanted to explain the meaning behind my name. if you’ve made it through this whole post, THANK YOU! you rock! 🙂

also, have a great day! 🙂

I’M  Ashley

a Richmond, Virginia WEDDING & PORTRAIT Photographer

I’m Virginia Ashley, but my friends just call me Ashley! I’m a wedding photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Even though I live in RVA, I travel all over for photography, which is awesome because I LOVE to travel! I’ve been as far as California and have my passport burning a hole in my pocket!

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