Month: June 2013

girls’ day | personal

because summer is slower time during the school year, we don’t have as many kids at work. this is both a blessing and a curse haha. it’s nice because i have today off. it’s not nice because i really need the hours to pay bills haha. i am trusting in God and know that He’ll […]

happy birthday | personal

today is justin’s birthday. i was going through pictures to find for this post and i found this. this picture was taken when justin and i went to a missions trip in NYC to the bowery (a shelter for homeless men). it was taken a few weeks before we started dating.  that was such a […]

happy father’s day | personal

oh daddy. me and him are like orange juice and toothpaste. soda and cereal. peanut butter and ranch. the perfect combo, right?! haha. just kidding. i USED to think we were like these extreme opposites but then i realized the reason we argue so much is because we are so much alike. he is my […]

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