Month: July 2014

a break | personal

i’m gonna keep this post short and simple. i’m gonna take a little break from my blog and possibly social media. maybe for the weekend. maybe for the week. maybe for a few weeks. right now i just need to take a few steps back, do some soul-searching, and refresh. i hope y’all understand. i feel […]

summer cold | personal

cold and summer do not go together. it’s warm and sunny outside and i’m over here sneezing my head off, like it’s the dead of winter. ew. and every time i sneeze i think, “a nose in need deserves puff’s indeed.” sadly, i don’t have any puff’s tissues! hahaha. i just watch too much tv! […]

living for the weekend #33

another weekend has come and gone. wahhh! the bets ones always do! i had such a great time this weekend, because i spent it in va beach with two of my best friends! we explored new restaurants, went to the aquarium, and hung out at the beach. we even watched the new show, girl meets […]

follow friday: part 1

if you’re like me, you have a long list of blogs you like to read! i used to be really bad about how many blogs i would look at on the daily! i would come home from work and absorb myself in the world of photography for hours! it could be viewed as pathetic, but i viewed […]

truth | personal

sometimes it’s really hard working a full time job AND running a full-time photography business. you have to be partially insane to think it’s possible to do both things at once haha. and to a certain degree, i guess i am a little crazy haha. i overcommit myself, have a hard time saying no, and […]

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