Month: June 2016

Adventures in Wedding Planning

Adventures in Wedding Planning OBX wedding photos

Oh you guys! This is gonna be a fun a post! We celebrated my bachelorette party this weekend and it was so much fun!!! Very surreal too! Plus, it’s totally weird being the bride at something like this!!! Anything wedding related I’ve always been a bridesmaid or the photographer, always the support. It was super weird to be the center of attention. They warned me that was how the wedding day was going to be too! Ahh!!! I don’t know if I’m ready for that responsibility hahaha.


Shine smithfield wedding photographer

Last night, one of my favorite movies ever was on TV, Legally Blonde. Gah! I love that movie so much. I was reminded just how much I love it when I was immediately able to quote the entire movie (basically) word for word. I might have watched it a little too much when I was younger. But hey. Elle Woods is basically my spirit animal and I am not ashamed!

Adventures in Wedding Planning

Adventures in Wedding Planning longwood university engagement photos

You know how people who are having babies get “pregnancy brain?!” Well, is there such a thing as “wedding brain?” If so, I think I have it! I feel like it’s a mix between forgetting everything and having senioritis, all at the same time! haha. Except I guess it would be called weddingitis! haha. Yupp! You are now seeing the current state of my mind! 😉 I apologize! 🙂

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