oh snap! tomorrow i’m turning 25. that’s a quarter of a century old. yikes! one of my kids told me

2014-04-10_0002oh snap! tomorrow i’m turning 25. that’s a quarter of a century old. yikes! one of my kids told me i was an old lady yesterday. i’m really starting to feel it! is this what a quarter-life crisis feels like? ahhh! haha. okay. mini-panic attack over.

okay. on to the fun things! dun dun DUNNNN!!!! a giveaway!!!! this is a giveaway of a few of my favorites! i LOVE earrings,  journaling is a great release, and chick-fil-a is my favorite! i thought this would be a fun prize to win! i hope it is. p.s. it was super challenging getting the chick-fil-a gift card. since i’ve given up fast-food for 40 days, it was complete temptation driving by there, yet alone needing to order from them. i tried to go through the drive through but the line was really long. i had to go… inside! ahhh!! seriously. temptation at it’s peak! thankfully, i just walked in and walked out. it was so hard to resist that yummy chicken sandwich and refreshing sweet tea, but i survived. hooray! maybe i’m growing up after all! 😉

to enter in this giveaway all you have to do is two simple steps:

1. comment on the post with your fave birthday memory

2. share my post from my facebook page so all of your friends can enter too

easy peasy lemon squeezy! 😉

and because i like setting goals, i’ve made a little list of fun things i’d like to do while i’m 25! i tried to come up with 25 things, but i’m super lame and could only come up with 15. haha. feel free to help me add to my list! 😉

1. finish reading the divergent series – i’m almost finished with the first book! it’s so good and i can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd one!

2. pay off my student loans! i have around $4,400 left! eeekk!!! it’s getting so real now!

3. get an apartment.

4. get a white ink tattoo! i’ve always wanted one, but i need to stop thinking about it and just do it!

5. go on a beach trip with my sisters and friends!

6. road trip with amanda and alexi to FLORIDA for her new internship at DISNEYWORLD!!!! yay amanda! so so proud of you!

7. announce something fun on my blog next week! 😉

8. go see britney in vegas! yes, i realize this is a long shot, but hey! dream big, right?

9. visit with one of my best friends in GA before the P31 conference! i cannot wait! 🙂

10. do a color run!

11. go to a drive-in movie! for real! this has been on my bucket list forever. it needs to change!

12. throw a fun party for someone special. every time i walk into target i see so many fun party supplies! i want to throw a celebration so badly!

13. go zip lining!

14. enhance my mermaid hair! so technically this was already done (purple, pink, and teal hair!), but i decided to throw it in since it’s so close to my birthday! 😉

15. lose 25 pounds. this will help me get back to my college weight and be a lot healthier!

so those are some of the fun things i’d like to do this year!

i’m so excited to start off the first day of my 25th year by spending the day at the zoo with some of my favorite people! i cannot wait!

happy weekending, sweet friends! ♥♥♥

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  • First of all…you’ve never been to a drive-in?! If you ever come to Ohio, I will take you!! They are so fun! 🙂

    Second, I have a lot of favorite birthday memories, but the one I can think of right now is Dillon taking me somewhere as a surprise for my birthday. We drove about 2 hours from home and I was getting really scared he was kidnapping me out in the middle of nowhere, then we pulled up to a little horse ranch. He surprised me with a 2 hour horse back ride in the hills of Southern Ohio 🙂 I hadn’t been in forever, and I love horses, so it was the perfect present!

    Happy early birthday, love!

  • Just say no to tatoos….Advice from stodgy old Aunt peggy;)
    what’s a white tatoo? What’s a color run? Sorry i don’t have young ladies around to help me know these things. I ordered something for you birthday and will send to your Dad’s PO when it comes in. it might be late. more than likely since it isn’t here yet.

  • Happy Birthday!! hmmm when I turned 30 (see you’re not old yet ;)…) Jason threw me a party and beforehand put a screen saver up on his computer with the images of the Antigua trip he had planned for us!! It was so sweet and much needed since I had just had two kiddos 😉 Birthdays are so fun ~ Enjoy your weekend! xo

  • Happy birthday Ashley!
    My favorite birthday memory was when I was about 12. I told my friends about how I had never had a surpise birthday party. They kept that in mind and on my birthday they surpised my with a huge party in the middle of our neighborhood.

    Hope your birthday is as memorable as mine was that year!

  • My absolute favorite birthday memory was my 10th birthday when I had ten girls sleepover and Meghan Stiles Cunningham made us all look beautiful with hair dos and makeup and it was much fun! (it makes her feel REALLY old whenever I remind her of that haha)

  • This is just awesome! Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see you check off some of these from your list! 🙂

  • First off – tattoos aren’t that bad! The pain goes away and you will LOVE it!

    Secondly – my favorite birthday memory was just last year. We had a gender reveal party at our house to tell all of our friends we were having a little boy! It was really special. ☺️

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