a best friend is getting hitched | personal

whoa! i cannot believe this is happening. it feels like just yesterday, anna and i were on our way home from florida discussing our dream weddings. i can’t believe that by the end of the weekend, she will be married. is this real life?! 😉

i remember when we first met. it was junior year and she came into our girls’ bible class. i really don’t remember my first impression of her, i was just glad that she wasn’t like everyone else at that school. she had class and character, and her sarcastic wit kept me rolling on the floor. i loved her honesty. it was very refreshing. i’m glad she became my ally to help me conquer school every day. i seriously don’t know what i would’ve done without her. thanks for being there for me. 🙂 high school sucked, but with her as my chica it made life bearable.

when she told me she was moving to alabama, i was floored. what was i going to do without my BFF? how could double trouble conquer the world several states apart? thankfully distance was not our kryptonite. we have kept in touch and still see each other once a year. 🙂

i am so so SO thankful for our friendship. she has been there for me through many hard times and is a huge blessing in my life. i am so thankful God brought us together as friends.

i wish you and adam many happy years together. you are an amazing and beautiful person anna. you personality shines so bright and you have a beauty that cannot compare with anyone. i love how driven you are and how you always go after your dreams. you have always been a wonderful friend to me and i hope we stay best friends forever! 🙂

i love you and can’t believe you’re getting married on sunday!!! EEEEEEPPPP!!!! 🙂

well, it’s off to bed for me. it’ll only be for a few hours since i have to be on the plane at 5:40!!!!!!!! pray for me! haha. no seriously. i’d appreciate it! 😉

if you read further, you can see some embarrassing pictures from us back in the day til last year! 🙂 enjoy!

soccer games and chemistry class! 🙂


high school graduations! 🙂

chuck e. cheese! where a kid can be a kid and a teenager can still act immature. 😉

just because we’re cool and our flamingos needed some time in the spotlight. 😉

my trip to BHAM! 🙂

oh my, we’re twins! (i apologize for the bad hair cut haha, i really need to stop getting bangs).



last year! can’t believe we’re all “grown up.” man, we’re old! 😉


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