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i’m ready to share a new round of my favorite things today! isn’t it sound that there almost always has to be something food related on there? haha. time to go for a nice/brisk walk!

core ice cream: so if you hear me say i’m working on my core, i don’t mean my six pack (i wish!) haha. this new ben & jerry’s creation is divine! gah! i’ve had to steer clear of the grocery store lol. i don’t have much willpower, so it’s best to avoid the ice cream aisle (for now haha). but seriously, do yourself a favor and try this stuff out! my favorite is the peanut butter kind, but they also have a caramel one which i’m SURE someone must like! haha.

“fancy”: yes, i’m THAT person who watched the youtube video on loop to learn the lyrics to this song. sadly, i only know the first part and STILL struggle spitting out those lines, but i try hahaha. this song is so awesome, though. i love the beat! and the video?! the throwback to clueless is da bomb! 😉

2048if you’re easily addicted to phone games, stop reading this post now and walk away… okay, now that you’ve been warned, this game is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! i’ve been so close to beating it! so close, yet so far! haha. but seriously, it will consume your time to sleep and basically function. so proceed with caution! and if you play it, lemme know what you think! 🙂

welp! hope y’all have a great way! it kinda felt like thursday to me, yesterday. and now that today it’s still thursday, i’m a little bummed! haha. oh well. it’s still almost friday and i can’t wait! 🙂

what are you current favorites? 

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