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oh hey! this is the special “me” edition of the thursday thirteen. wow. i sound super conceited and am a total “me monster.” my preschool kiddies would be so disappointed haha. but for cereal, just wanted to share with y’all some random facts so y’all could get to know me better. feel free to share some fun and interesting facts about yourself. i love learning new things!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

p.s. guess what tomorrow is? FRIDAYYYYY!!!!!


1. i, very recently, got my nose pierced! EEEPPP!!! so exciting. i know, i know. i don’t need another whole in my head. still, i’m excited and i love it! can’t believe i went through with it. i’m usual a big chicken who over-analyzes EVERYTHING. as soon as i walked in the tattoo shop, i almost backed out. thankfully my friends were there to keep me going. also, if i would have seen how long the needle was to pierce my nose, i definitely would’ve freaked out! yay for being gutsy!!! 😛

2. coffee is yucky but i LOVE starbucks!!! not really excited about the pumkin spice lattes, but definitely stoked for the caramel apple spices!!! 🙂

3. i usually do my best thinking in the shower haha. it really stinks because by the time i get out, i forget all the new ideas i had. i need to get a waterproof notepad haha.

4. i just recently got an iPhone!!! hip-hip-HOORAY!!! i’m really excited because now i can take pictures with my phone again. i missed having a camera on my old phone. 

5. i wish i could have my own orphanage and adopt as many kids as i could!!! <3 <3 <3

6. i am SO EXCITED for the fall shows starting back!!! yay for gLee, dancing with the stars, vampire diaries, ncis, the voice, the x-factor, and i’m sure a few others i forgot.

7. i have been obsessed with jason mraz lately! maybe it’s because he’s a virginia boy or because i’ve loved him since “the remedy” came out. his voice will always have my heart! i’m so in love with his latest song, “i won’t give up.” beautiful.

8. i haven’t lost all of my baby teeth, yet. i still have one left. i guess that’s why i still act like a kid. 😉

9. i’m really trying to get healthier (which is so hard by the way because i LOVE to eat yummy food). i have tried to not snack as much and go on more walks. so far, i’ve been pretty good about my daily walks and cutting back on all my munching. it’s still hard to give up my sweet tea and cookies. moderation is key! on the bright side i haven’t had fast food in quite a while!!! *snaps for me*

10. i’m really excited for preschool this year! really excited about all my new kiddies and my old favorites! love them all so much and can’t wait for a great year!!!

11. both of my sisters are in college this year and i miss them so much!!! please come home soon! 🙁

12. i love eating breakfast for dinner. i could replace cereal for any meal haha. my latest craving is chocolate frosted flakes. delicious! 😉 <— but probably not so healthy haha

13. i got to talk to one of my kiddies who graduated the preschool and is now at big-kid school. she had an awesome first day of kindergarten, made lots of friends, and was the most stylish one there! so blessed to be apart of these kids lives!!! God is so amazing for bringing me to this school. <3

oh, and i’m obsessed with anything camera-related. aren’t these earrings cute? i guess ya got 14 facts instead of 13. 😉


  • do you ever walk in the evenings? i try and walk several times a week. maybe once the weather cools off we can walk outside together…there are sidewalks in my neighborhood!

    • yes i do! i would love that! i try to walk once before work and then when i get home. i’m always better at the beginning of the week than the end. i tend to lose steam after wednesday hahahaha. but yes, that would be so fun! it’d be nice to not walk alone haha.

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