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i don’t really remember much about the day alexi was born. i remember i was at my grandma and pop’s house and hanging out because my parents had decided to gift me with ANOTHER sibling. yay me! not only would they not take amanda back, but now i was getting another sibling added to the mix. they clearly didn’t do a good job listening to me haha. anyway, all i basically remember was being at their house and hiding under the chair because my pop’s was watching that movie, gremlins. those green, slimy ones scared the crap outta me! haha. i probably thought you were going to look like one! 😛 haha. i kid! i kid!

all jokes aside, i’m really thankful they didn’t give you back. yes, we went through those phases where we hated each other’s guts, but i’m glad to say that at the end of it all you’re one of my best friends. i value all the times we have together goofin’ around and acting like total idiots. i know you like to make fun of me for being a goober sometimes, but i’m proud to say you’re not that far behind! 😉

i’m so proud of you for graduating at the top of your class and going on to school to play volleyball. i pray that you continue to chase after your dreams and get all that you want. i know that this is “alexi’s world” and that we’re just livin’ in it haha, but i pray that you always have that ability to walk into a room and own it. i’m thankful that you’re my sister and even more that we’re friends. i love you to the moon and back, ya buttnugget!

happy birthday! i hope 19 is the best year yet!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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  • You were (and still are) such cute and sweet girls. Your Grandma Link would be so proud of each of you! Happy Birthday Alexi!!!

  • Ashley, your blogs always come from your heart….you can just tell in your words even with all the joking around. I feel the tightness your family has and that is something to value. When you said you two hated each other, I thought of Brianna and Kamiryn. I hope my eyes/ears will see the day when they can come together and love each other like you and your sisters do. I know deep down they do love each other…they say the words but need to show it too! I am so happy to have you as my friend Ashley.

  • Aw!!! Why do you always have to make me cry with your blogs……I love you girls so much. You are all amazing.

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