the current camp theme at school is about PIRATES! am i in heaven or what?! i first became crazy-in-love with

the current camp theme at school is about PIRATES! am i in heaven or what?! i first became crazy-in-love with pirates after the first pirates of the caribbean movie. i discovered my love for pirates (and my man, johnny depp). i have a MASSIVE movie-size pirates of the caribbean poster hanging up in my room and i love almost anything pirate related. even the food, pirate booty, is a hit with me. probably just because it has pirate in its name haha. just kidding, it’s super yummy, but the name definitely appealed to me. 😉

last friday, i decided to go all out for pirates and wear my pirate costume (yes, i have a pirate costume and i’m not ashamed of it haha). i had the excuse to talk in a cool accent and go on a treasure hunt too! the kids looked so stinkin’ adorable in their pirate costumes. i just wanted to pinch their little cheeks! 😀 needless to say, it was a great day. i made a cool pirate map for the kids and we got golden chocolate coins and hid them around the playground. silly me had a kurt moment. for those of you who don’t know what i am talking about, bear with me. kurt is a character on gilmore girls. he helps hide eggs for their town’s giant easter egg hunt. wellllll… he forgets wear he hid all of them and when they don’t get found they start STINKING. i had a similar moment. while chocolate doesn’t necessarily stink, it does melt. even after the hunt, kids were still finding coins buried in the sand. one even dared to eat the sand-covered-chocolate-melted coin. EWWWW!!! that’s typical, though. even today we were still finding lost coins. hehe. oh well. 😉

today a special singer comes in for the kids and i know they are going to LOVE it! they get to wear all the special pirate accessories we’ve made. can’t wait! i wish i could show you pictures of how cute all my babies look! they’re so adorable. picture the cutest kids ever x100 in pirate costumes. 😀

happy “swashbuckling” tuesday, mateys! 🙂



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  • the kids have had so much fun with pirate week!! finding chocolate coins for several days after the hunt was hilarious!

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